We have stared and successful history of trading in an industry that sees many new entrants and many companies fail and close very quickly. We are a new company import & export business, and are a new trading, reliable company that the client can trust to deliver an Efficient Service.

Much of our business comes from referrals, endorsing our attitude to business and our reputation for services that the customer can have confidence in.

B&M Worldwide Export ltd, spares no effort to offer  complete peace of mind to our customers, carrying its load with great care and safety from the time the customer places an it is  Delivered.

B&M worldwide export working in import & export and transport services, in 2013 I started working for UK, and worldwide.

Import and export companies in United Kingdom.

I began to expand the business and quite quickly over achieved targets that our import and export franchisors allowed. So, in 2013, I formed this company.

We have built on the lessons learnt from working with leading experts in our industry, and we developed our own network of agents and expanded our scope of specialised services to United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, United States, South Africa.

Our trading name B&M Worldwide export, and the related network continues to grow offering UK and other countries a service by , shipping, Road, Air or Sea, Our main focus is on providing the versa best service to our customers and corporate clients at all times.

Bruno Machado, Founder and Managing Director

Tel:+44 020 3151 3801 | Fax:+44 020 8965 8783 | E:info@bmworldwideexport.com